Pronto Pest Control

Pronto Pest Control is part of the Lotus Services group.  We provide treatment solutions for the following pests and vermin.
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Mice
  • Rats
Our ant and cockroach pest control is backed with a 6 month guarantee against reinfestation.  Should they return within 6 months  than call us back for a free follow up treatment  So call Charles today to get your pest problem eradicated.


People think that cockroaches are part and parcel of life in Mallorca- WRONG!  They should not be treated lightly as they spread and carry disease, they come from sewers remember!  Un-checked they will quickly colonise your home or business.

As a business this can have a devastating financial impact, nobody wants to see cockroaches running around a bar or restaurant.  To the family the health implications can be great too due to their ability to spread pathogens. Cockroach droppings are an irritant to people who suffer with conditions such as Asthma.  Protect your investment and your family.  At Pronto Pest Control, We use the latest in products and techniques to rid you of these Pests.


Whilst not dangerous they cause distress for lots of people and in Mallorca there are many species.  Left untreated or treated incorrectly they can spring satellite nests throughout your home or business and ruin food.

Some species can give a nasty bite and inject acid in to the skin.  Don’t make the error of mistaking termites for ants; a mistake like this can cost you and your property massively.


They may look cute and are only small, but these rodents, though not as destructive as rats still have the potential to cause disease as their bladders are weak and during the night they run around your nice clean kitchen - including the work tops.  Need I say more.  They also damage cables and destroy food and decor.


What can we say?  David Attenborough describes them as "the only animal that I have an absolute hatred for".  The SAS advises that you should not eat them under any circumstances.  To you and us, they are the ultimate in filthy vermin.

They carry disease; ruin food, gnaw electronic cables and can cause fires and massive amounts of damage to the fabric of buildings and underground drainage systems. We can get them under control quickly and effectively using the latest products.