Property Maintenance

Whether you are a small local business, a local resident or an occasional visiting home owner little things break.  Toilets, sinks, taps, lights and bulbs, shutters and door locks, cupboard doors, door bells, the list goes on.  Wouldn't it be nice to pick up the telephone (or email) and speak to someone who actually knows and understands what you are talking about.  It would be even nicer if they can tell you the answer and that somebody will call soon and that you will not be overcharged.

Many companies seem reluctant to take on the small jobs, the small repairs and breakages, the sort of thing that will not ruin your stay but that will niggle away and annoy you.  Remember that if the property is being rented, your guests may not be happy to put up with these little problems  This is when you start to get complaints.  At Lotus Property Services we are more than happy to deal with these small problems.  There are very few jobs which arise that we don't actually fix ourselves.  If we can not fix the problem 'in house' we have reliable trusted contacts with whom we work who we will engage (with your permission) to rectify the problem.

With time sinks and taps leak. The only time they stop leaking is when they won't let water out at all. Do not forget that sinks and taps love to work loose and wobble till they fall off.  Not everybody has the right tools for the job, and why should they? This after all it is meant to be a holiday home  Not every body wishes to squeeze into a cupboard under the sink and practice the sort of dexterity normally reserved for people with double joints to make the necessary repairs, we however will.

Unless you are an electrician or own a chain of lighting stores you will probably not know what sort of 'bulb' or fitting you need to replace the three that are now out above your head.  Not all retailers have the specialist type you need.  Even if you do know how to take the lamp apart, remove the old one without risk of electric shock, climb down off the stack of tables and stools (because you have no steps) and take what's left to them to look at.  It is generally considered wiser to pick up the telephone and call us.

The list is endless:

  • sticking doors
  • wardrobe doors and cupboards,
  • loose kitchen doors
  • missing plaster,
  • hot water boilers.
If you have a maintenance problem contact Lotus Property Services and ask.  We will always try to help!